Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

Are you:

a Company seeking to comply with Corporate Social Responsibility regulations?

Have you:

previously invested in Social Work, without seeing a noticeable Impact?

Do you:

want to create Systemic Change?

We're here to help.

At Jnana Foundation, our impact model leverages Systems Thinking techniques to understand social issues from a holistic perspective and identify key leverage points on which to focus. 

Building on this understanding, we work with CSR Programs and Individual Donors to understand their objectives and work with Partner NGOs to design, fund and monitor the execution of high-impact social projects.

We believe that higher impact can only happen if there is higher efficiency, but we do not expect organisations and individuals in the social sector to have this capacity, or the ability to do it all alone.

That’s where we come in. 

Our group companies have resources in the areas of IT, Accounting, Legal, Hospitality, Media, Marketing, Impact Assessment, etc. Through JF, we make these resources available to NGO partners and also find the resources we may not have but that our partners need.

Jnana Foundation works with CSR partners across the country. We provide high-impact consulting services to corporates keen on making a change.

We provide the following services:

  • Creating Medium/Long-Term Goals and Strategies
  • Identifying and then Conducting Due Diligence on Field NGOs
  • Project Planning, including Design, Budgets, KPIs, and more
  • Arranging Funding from Corporates and Donors
  • Monitoring project execution, including fund disbursement
  • Designing and executing sustainability strategies for the project

In one such engagement, we organised six ecosystem engagement sessions as part of the Royal Enfield Rider Mania festival in Goa (pictured above). We have two models for partnerships with corporates: annual retainer or project-specific partnerships. We also engage with CSR partners to conduct activities as part of a longer-term partnership. For the services provided and costs incurred by Jnana Foundation in helping to ensure the successful execution of the selected projects, we levy a 10% additional donation (invoiced separately) over and above the donation to the NGO.

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