Invasive Removal

This project aims to remove the invasive Sphagneticola trilobata from SAI Sanctuary’s Wetland areas.

Sphagneticola trilobata, commonly known as the Singapore Daisy, has been grown as an ornamental ground cover. It is now an invasive plant that has become a terrible problem throughout the Western Ghats, including in the Kodagu/Coorg District. Its spread throughout the district has coincided with increasing deforestation rates since the plant needs a lot of sunshine, open spaces, and less rainfall to grow and spread.

No species, including domestic cattle, consume the plant. Its thick, matted roots suffocate the endemic flora species, impeding and obstructing the spread of native grasses, bushes, and other flora that are the natural fodder for grazing animals, making it more difficult for grazers to find enough food. This, in turn, affects the predators that prey on these grazers as the number of grazers drops wherever this invasive plant is prevalent.

The wetlands on the corners of SAI Sanctuary have also been affected by the invasion of this plant from the infestation found in neighbouring plantations. This is mainly true in one of the most extensive wetlands. Previous efforts to uproot the plant by hand helped curtail its spread, but the number of staff necessary to do this in a meaningful manner is economically prohibitive and is not a permanent solution.

The main goals of this project are:

1) Uproot and burry the existing spread of the plant

2) Reforestation around open areas to prevent the long-term spread of the plant

Current status: Project completed

Download Project Proposal Here

National Partner: SAI Sanctuary Trust

Year of initiation: 2023

Area of work: Environment, Coastal, Intertidal, Marine

Donors: Vulcan Group

Fundraising target: 60,000 INRTotal Funds raised: 60,000 INR