Work with Us

The Jnana Foundation (JF) is a Section 8 company formed under Indian laws. The Vulcan Group has set up JF to promote environmental and social transformation in India. The primary objective of JF is to partner with, help promote and enable the activities of other NGOs in India that promote equity within humanity and harmony with nature through the transformation of education, health, food, and the environment. JF supports its Partners in raising funds and executing the projects, including monitoring the outcomes, reporting progress, and sharing knowledge gained to inspire others to take the initiative in their communities.

Over the last year, the JF has activated its environment and education verticals and is looking to activate the other two verticals in the coming year. We are committed to using a systems thinking approach to find high-leverage points which can create the highest impact and societal transformation. 

We look for leaders who are passionate, compassionate, empowering and of high integrity. We also encourage independent action and autonomy from all individuals in our team.